As far as financial plan dollars, it sets aside cash on the off chance that you get one suit and wear it for numerous occasions. While a decent quality men’s matching suit will give you long periods of wearable help, there are generally times when you really want something dressier. Here is a speedy manual for picking the best suit for each situation.

It’s always better to buy one expensive and good quality suit, rather than three or four cheap ones. if money is the only thing that’s stopping you from getting the expensive one taking a commercial loan to pay it off is a great idea.

Ultimately, most men need to purchase a suit. This first-time suit may not be of extraordinary quality, however, the cost was reasonable and it was likely polished for now is the right time. Nonetheless, as we progress through life’s stages and occasions, we experience more events that expect us to get ready in the best fashion style.

Whether it is for the work environment, the races, a companion’s wedding, or your own pre-marriage ceremony, getting ready ought to be a charming encounter: a chance to put your best self forward. Here are a couple of tips to assist you with picking the right suit for any situation or occasion.


Anyway, you’ve recently completed college or school and need to nail those meetings? You likewise need to begin constructing your closet with a matching suit or two.

The most secure, most adaptable tones are:
• Dull grays
• Dull naval force blues
• Dark

Commonly, suits in these varieties compliment men of all shapes, sizes, and appearances. In the event that you like pinstripes, pull out all the stops, yet don’t pick stripes with a strong difference.
In the event that you are on a strict financial plan, it’s ideal to go with a dull dark or a charcoal texture. These nonpartisan varieties coordinate well with practically any shirt and tie blend, and since these are dim tones, you can coordinate them with dark shoes.

Is it true or not that you are thinking about composing dashing down the naval force blue suit way? These suits play well with pastel shirts in colors like pink, sky blue, and mauve, yet earthy-colored shoes and an earthy-colored belt are unquestionable requirements.

Assuming you’re new to wearing suits, we’d encourage you to lean toward the moderate side for styling. For instance, pick standard, unembellished three-inch lapels. The main thing is for the suit to fit you well so you’ll look and feel more sure. Save the extravagant styling choices for some other time and life stage.
As to texture, pick something in the Super 100s to 110s territory, and on the off chance that you can manage the cost of it, go overboard on unadulterated fleece.


Whenever you’ve demonstrated your strength in the work environment, now is the ideal time to say something and stand out, particularly during significant gatherings or while shutting bargains. For these circumstances, choose to wear lighter tones:

  • Lighter grays
  • French naval forces (bluer shades)
  • Plaids like Prince of Wales or Window Pane designs

Be that as it may, be mindful so as not to go excessively light. Include a couple of bolder pinstripes in the event that they are however you would prefer, and you feel trying.

As to styling, consider the lavish pinnacle lapel rather than the standard score and on the off chance that you’re a more slender person, pick a thin fit suit to cut a mean outline. Add a designed or hued coating or hand to create sewing for extra style energy.

At long last, pick an unadulterated fleece texture in the Super 120s to 130s territory. These will be strong, sumptuous, and agreeable.


You’ve ascended through the positions. Now is the right time to compensate yourself with quality and show others you’re a triumph. Variety choice is completely dependent upon you (at this point, you most likely currently own a suit in each tone). What’s significant now is your suit is an assertion, declaring your aversion for the unremarkable and your firm nature in all that you do.

Select a suit style that addresses your character. Add a stunningly designed or shaded covering or hand-make sewing for additional panache. Pick working sleeves on your sleeves to declare to the world you’re wearing a specially crafted suit. Pick an exquisitely cut suit that gives somewhat more space to move while as yet fitting cozily. Attempt a formal suit or even a twofold-breasted suit as both have gotten back in the game in the beyond a couple of years.

For these power suits, select solid unadulterated fleece textures in the Super 130s to 160s territory. These textures are extravagantly fine, lightweight, and smooth and convey power and style – very much like the manner in which you hold yourself.


As you track the way to global control, you’ll get presumably get diverted get-togethers. Extraordinary events like races, garden weddings, and daytime get-togethers call for various tones and styling for suits and coats. These events are your potential for success to have out and get seen for your great taste and recognized style, so have a good time picking your outfits for these.

Assuming you’re the sort who likes to leave nothing to chance, stay with:

  • Lighter charcoals
  • Grays
  • French naval forces

In any case, assuming you might want to take advantage of your “not-one-of-the-group” qualifications, pull out all the stops and go brown. Simply remember, for night occasions, choosing hazier colors is normally best.

Festivities have an approach to enticing us to overdo it, so feel free to try different things with thinned-down lapels or hand-create sewing or channeled edges in an alternate tone. Other head-turners are top lapels and shaded linings. Anything is possible with uniquely customized men’s suits, and you ought to have the option to rely upon your lord designer to get the control you over a little on the off chance that you go excessively far.

As these occasions are rare and not your commonplace working environment conditions, you could take a gander at it in two different ways when you mull over your texture choices.

  • It’s an extraordinary event! I’m qualified for sprinkle out with something in the Super 130s to 150s territory.
  • It’s a rare occasion; I likely won’t wear the suit for different occasions, so something in the Super 100s to 110s territory is alright.

Either decision is fine as the choice is absolutely private.

Variety determination relies upon the hour of day and setting. Warm, radiant daytime weddings and open-air mixed drink gatherings call for lighter-hued textures, while it’s for the most part more secure to go with charcoals, naval forces, and dark for formal occasions.


For extraordinary events like functions, good cause occasions, and dark tie or white-tie suppers, you’ll have to fan out from conventional working environment suit tones into a supper suit or tuxedo. Such events, nonetheless, for the most part, force severe clothing regulations and principles, for example, wearing a suit produced using dark or dull naval force blue (frequently called 12 PM blue).

Such suits are typically enhanced with the wrap lapel, frequently with glossy silk covering or funneling. Unadulterated fleece textures in the Super 110s to 150s territory ought to get the job done for everything except the most lavish balls.

At long last, since a large portion of these are evening occasions, profound charcoals, 12 PM naval forces and blacks are your best choice with regards to variety.


On your important day, you can pick a wedding suit in any tone. For sure, it’s normal for wedding suits to be made in sky blue, greens, and even reds. As insane as it appears, on your big day, everything revolves around you and your lady of the hour, so is there any valid reason why you shouldn’t have the option to do however you see fit?

Nonetheless, assuming you really want to get utility from your husband-to-be’s suit, pick a variety that is not excessively moderate by guiding away from dull charcoals, dim grays, and dim naval force blues. Be careful about picking blacks as you might seem as though one of the cooking staff.

Likewise, with other proper occasion situations, variety determination relies upon the hour of the day and occasion setting. Warm, bright daytime weddings and outside mixed drink gatherings are best served by lighter-hued textures; for formal occasions, stay with charcoals, naval forces, and dark.


Presently, what might be said about the suits for your groomsmen (and what are the bridesmaids wearing?) The guideline is to separate yourself from the groomsmen by changing your article of clothing tone or type.

For instance, as the man of the hour, you could wear a fresh white shirt and white tie, while your groomsmen could wear shirts in varieties to match the bridesmaids’ dresses. Emphasize their suits with thin ties.

On the other hand, you could choose the consistently rich 3-piece look, however, dress the gentlemen in straightforward suits. One more method for standing apart is to pick a similar suit and shirt style for every one of the men in the wedding party yet fluctuate the shade of the man of the hour’s suit’s texture.

As may be obvious, as you move from choosing your most memorable suit to building a definitive smart nobleman’s closet, you’ll go with bunches of choices and decisions. Assuming that appears as though a mind-boggling task, relax. Montagio Custom Tailoring is occupied with settling on those choices and decisions for courteous fellows like you consistently, and they are dependably delighted to share their aptitude. Set up a non-commitment styling meeting today and venture out toward building that ideal closet.

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